Integration of Salesforce with Baidu Ad Platform

Salesforce + Baidu Ad Platform

Glogou, Inc.,assists world-wide businesses navigate the complex and restrictive waters of China’s advertising systems. Best marketing results are achieved when Salesforce integrates with the Baidu Ad Platform.

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Baidu, the most successful Chinese search engine, dominates the online search market in China. It has over half a billion internet users and works in partnership with 600,000 prominent websites for ads network promotion.

If you use Google, you may already be familiar with apps connecting Google and Salesforce which provide connections between Google Ads and sales. It is vital to have the right tool to bridge the gap between marketing and sales for your marketing campaigns on Baidu. Glogou Salesforce-Baidu Integration App is to help you connect the Baidu ad platform with Salesforce.

Why Integrate:

  • Determine where your leads originate

  • Identify which keywords generate the most revenue

  • Track your leads and opportunity records across all channels

  • Keep track of prospective clients, partners, and customers

  • Visualize and manage the sales process more easily

  • Make smarter decisions for your next campaign

How to Integrate:

  • By accessing Baidu's ad platform through APIs, we can generate Baidu standard reports as well as to customize reports for your particular campaigns

  • We feed campaign data into Salesforce to track the activities of your potential customers.

  • We help you discover which campaigns generate the most clients.

  • We can also feedback the sales data from Salesforce back to your marketing campaigns, to dynamically make adjustments to the campaigns, to achieve optimized ROI.

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